Monday, December 14, 2015

Living Justice

I've had a lot of conversations recently over liberalism versus socialism versus capitalism versus anarchy and I realize that people who cling to economic ideologies with a passion do so because they believe it's their only hope for being treated fairly in life

This breaks my heart because that is the job of the church and I believe that history has taught us that choices of the privileged to impart dignity to and provide opportunities for the oppressed are the only ones that matter in the sphere of economics.

We live in a country where minorities have become desperate for legislative validation - for the government to be on their side - because the conservative majority is not. This is disgusting. God sees this and, I believe, is literally disgusted by the attitude of the privileged who become comfortable in their position and choose to make personal decisions that hurt the disadvantaged.

In your personal life, remember the world where you did not grow up - the world where kids get home from school and there is no food in the house, or they grew up on convenience store food because there's no grocery store near them; the world where education is the last thing on a kid's mind because they have to worry about their drug-addicted parents, the apartment they'll soon be evicted from, the siblings depending on them for protection or provision.

If you love God it is your responsibility to listen to the cries He hears. I don't want to say "we're all really bad at doing our Christian duty and we need to do better" because I don't want to ignite any legalistic emotions of self-shaming. But do what you can right now to help. Educate yourself about the situation of the poor and oppressed. Learn what is going on around you. Learn what really helps - I am not talking about donating to soup kitchens, although that isn't a bad thing. And if you are really tugged to this direction, enter a segment of the workforce or a nonprofit that is dedicated to taking care of God's hurting children.