Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Worship, Music, and Worship Music

When I started at my current high school last fall, something that made me react negatively was the music they played in the chapel session. It's the emotional, "Jesus loves EVERYONE!", "God, I love You so much and I never think about anything else" crap. Maybe I shouldn't give it that degrading term, but really, some of it deserves that. I mean, it has its place, but how many people actually mean the words they sing?

"I didn't like the speaker, I just go for the music."

"He was really preachy. Why couldn't we just worship the whole time?"

At school, one of the big deals is how many people just like that music for the emotional high it brings. Most of them do not really care about learning what it means to be a Christian. What they call worship is anything but. It is focused on them and how they feel, not on giving glory to God.

And anyway, nobody can honestly say "The riches of Your love will always be enough" because we're constantly looking to things other than God's love for fulfillment. Neither can a Christian claim "My faith is dead, I need a resurrection somehow" without believing that they are capable of becoming 'unsaved'.

Also, notice those songs talk mainly about God's love - something that He does for us - and very little about what we can do for Him, or about His glory, (you never hear about God's WRATH in those songs! That would seem SCARY and CONDEMNING!), or the many other attributes of our Lord. Aren't we misrepresenting God here?

The lyrics largely appear to be meant to make us feel good. While in moderation that kind of thing is a good reminder of God's love and our privilege as His children, 'consuming' only that or enjoying only that type of Christian music is like eating just stuff that tastes good all the time or reading only things that are entertaining.

Look at hymns. Why have we thrown them away? Is it because the way they're played is too boring? I think the melodies are wonderful. The words are compelling.