Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rough Draft vs. Revising

There seems to be a great split among the writing community: Which is harder, rough drafting or revising? I hear a lot of people who just love to rant about how fun revising is how much they hate rough drafts. Mr. S says pretty much the same thing. Only... wait. I don't think he says revising is easy. Just that rough drafts are harder. If that makes sense.

Personally I don't agree.

I think I've already ranted once or twice here about how much I hate revising? Well..


Hate's a strong word? Yeah. It fits here.

I just don't understand why you would like it, at all. You have to take this hard work that you've slaved over for FOREVER (or if you're one of those really fast writers, not that long) and put your heart (which contains blood technically, so here it counts for blood) and sweat and tears into and... change it. And take out parts of it. And headache over it. And generally all around have MORE blood and sweat and tears over it.

I don't really enjoy that.

Also: I must have a really short attention span. It's hard for me to stay interested in the same BOOK for that long, for Pete's sake, let alone the same STORY that I have to write for the aforementioned FOREVER.

So if I have to go back to something I've already put a lot of time into, and then I have to go back to it again, and again, and again, hallelujah amen, then... that kind of gets... boring. And old. And discouraging.

Think about it. You just can't get it right, basically. Every time you change it you just have to go back, next draft, and change it AGAIN.

Rough drafting takes a lot more creative power. It takes a lot more getting to know your characters... but it's fresh. New. Exciting. Unknown. Unexplored. The story hasn't happened yet, even if you've plotted you have no idea what kind of a ride it's going to throw you around on, and you have that wonderful sensation of embarking on an adventure.

I don't really get that the second time around. Or the third. Or the fourth. Or the fifth. It kind of wears off after all. So does the intense fear of starting something new, which for me, is way less intimidating the first time than the second. That may sound strange, but I am WAY more intimidated by starting Draft II than Draft I. So far, Draft IIs I hate the most. Why? Because you have to change the STRUCTURE. Everything changes, basically. Things don't happen in the same order, or the same things don't happen, or the same charries aren't present, or something, and that changes how the charries view EVERYTHING.

Draft IIIs have not been as bad in my experience, and I am anticipating Draft IVs and Draft Vs to be even less horrible as long as I don't decide I need to make major plot changes.

(as an ending note aside from my 'hate rant', sorry to all you people that like revising better than rough drafting. and whoever first said that writing is a love/hate relationship, you are a genius)

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  1. <.< I know I'm supposed to think of something really profound or actually on topic but the only thing I can think of to say is it's really disturbing to read "GR" in something you've written. You never have those two letters. Alone. By themselves. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE A?

    -runs off in search of the a-