Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's finished... sort of?

I wish I could make you this ecstatic post about how I just finished EDT/FW - II/ for the resto fyou boring people out there who don't know what either of those is, Forewarned - Draft II.

And if you still don't understand what I'm trying to say then I'm sorry but you're really lost.

Okay so the deal is, I was expecting to get to this point pretty soon. No, I am not done with Draft II. This is how I'm saying it: I'm done with the writing part of EDT. Or, I'm done with the hard part of EDT.

What I hope is the hard part anyway.

The ending got really lengthened and I started getting excited that it was one page over 200 pages (201 pages for you people who need hard numbers all the time, yagh at you). Then I realized it was before, but then I changed the formatting so that there are a lot more words on the page. So in the New Courier, double spaced, one inch margin (actually I think there might still be one in margins... it fluctuates) it's actually something like 270 pages? I don't know, I haven't checked. (surprisngly since I'm usually a freak about these thigns)

So yes, because I wrote the end of EDT I feel this accomplishment feeling that I finished it when in fact I still have a whole bunch of boring sentence structure edits to make before it's really done.

and cutting out anything that might need to be cut out which I'm afraid of o_o >.< O-O

BUT I have done all the creative-energy-needed part. So that's awesome. Laziness time! Yayyy!

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