Wednesday, March 30, 2011


I've always been fascinated by dreams. Some people say sleep is like a 'little death'. I kind of like that. I also think that what you dream about can reveal a lot about what you fear, what you long for, what you think about. Where you feel safe. Etc. Here are some things about dreams and me:

I often have dreams (and these are usually the ones that I get scared in most) of people chasing me. I hate being chased. It gives me such a paranoid feeling. Some people enjoy that (Kates =P), I do not.

Last night's dream was about the Garden. I'm pretty sure that's because I was telling my sister the whole story line before I went to sleep.

But anyway, I was unsure what to write next so I was thinking about it while I was trying to go to sleep. So this dream kind of gave me an answer, though being in dream form it was obviously not the clearest of answers.

Basically, it was me (as Rella I think, since she's the only one not confined at the moment =P) snooping in Headmistress' files. In the dream I felt extremely paranoid, especially considering there was only one door out of the room and if I saw her coming back I couldn't get away. I was, obviously, looking for the 'Garden' file which was green in my dream.

For some reason I brought along a bunch of my favorite books/notebooks (?) and then I found the file and stole it, but I forgot my books/notebooks and left them in the drawer.

So after I had looked in the folder (I remember what I saw there but that's a secret) I had to go take it back anyway. So the next time I saw Headmistress leaving her little office I snuck back in and I replaced the file, but I forgot that when I found it it was actually open on her desk or something, and then I put it back in the drawer and was trying to get my books/notebooks out but she was coming back, and at this point I realized that it wasn't actually supposed to be in the drawer but on the desk.

SO I tried to run out with just my books/notebooks but it didn't work because she just caught me and found out that I had seen her folder about the Garden.

So she was really mad but for some reason instead of locking me up in the Dark Room (so ominous) like she should have she just took one of my notebooks and ran away to her office and read it. I think she was trying to get revenge.

There were other parts involved in this dream like a helicopter ride to get there but I won't go into that =P

moving on:

I've had a few recurring dreams, some that I still remember distinctly even though I had them when I was pretty young

I have very strange flying dreams. One of the recurring dreams, and actually the one I remember the best of those, I know I had at least three times. It was me standing on the banister of the second story in our old house, standing on this banister above the staircase. And I was really afraid that I was going to fall (I'm really afraid of heights) but for some reason I knew (maybe the 2nd two times because I'd had the dream before? Dunno) that if I jumped I would be able to fly. So I was always really scared but eventually I did and then I'd be flying like Peter Pan and it was fun.

And then... the only other one I remember at the moment was when my friends were flying me like a kite. That was the weirdest I  can remember.

Have you ever hit the ground in a dream? It's really weird. I have several times (fear of heights again). It doesn't hurt obviously, but you hate it anyway because.... I don't know. It's really aggravating and frustrating, I guess because you still feel 'damaged' even if it didn't hurt? It's been awhile since I fell and hit the ground in a dream. I'll have to think about it more.

I like bad dreams better than good dreams. I usually have a lot more bad dreams anyway, usually pertaining to someone/something threatening my safety (there have been several about men with guns/knives outside my house/church) or something happening that I was afraid of happening.

Sometimes something has happened in real life after I had a bad dream about it, but it hasn't been a bad experience. See how much I worry about things? So much that it carries over into my dreams.

Anyway, I need to explain why I like bad dreams better than good dreams. Like most things with me, if it's all right in the end, I'm good. I hate waking up after a good dream and realizing all the good things that happened weren't real. But when I wake up from a bad dream it feels lovely to be at home, safe, etc. and usually the start of a new day. Just a little weird thing with me.


  1. You dreamed about the Garden? Wo0t! Actually, what you described sounds like a pretty good continuation of the story...

    Speaking of which, I need to write the next chapter.

    We flew you like a kite? :P "Let's go fly a Sandy..."

    I like good dreams WAAAAY better than bad dreams. My bad dreams are very bad... they look into what I fear the most and put a giant magnifying glass on it, forcing me to watch every gory detail. My good dreams, on the other hand, include acquaintances of mine dressing up as Sherlock and asking me to dance with them. WAAAAY more fun. XP

  2. OH MY BONGO. The word verification from my last comment asked me to type the word "pingster." That needs to be something.

    I am such a pingster.

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  4. Hurrumph. <_<

    Original comment:

    I do like being chased... -happy shudder- But I've never been chased for real, so I doubt I would like that. I like the IDEA of being chased.

    But my dreams are usually neither good nor bad, just weird. Sometimes, in my dream, random things (like waxing blue kittens) will make me feel really inexplicably happy. My only bad dreams are when I dream about being somewhere and not wearing clothes... Then I feel really embarrassed and angry at myself. >.<

    But those have really only hit since I discovered how truly terrible I am with people. And they've kind of gone away now that I've grown more confident, but if I make a stupid mistake I usually have that dream. Ech.

    (Word verification: Malks)